Courses and Degrees Available Online

So what types of classes are available online? Are they all Internet-related courses? Only for those interested in web design or development? Perhaps the online classes are just for computer gurus? Definitely not! The full-range of a college education is available online at the many universities and colleges in the United States. Some of them with a brief description are listed here.

Note that while you can major in just about any subject, remember that not all schools offer all classes online, so that finishing a degree entirely online may require that you take courses from different universities and have the credits transferred over to the school of your choice, or that you attend a local college in person to fulfill the credit requirements.

Online Degrees Available

High School Diploma: If you are still in high school and not doing well in the traditional classroom environment or maybe you never finished high school, it is time for you to consider what an online education can do for you. Many high schools offer the courses required to get a diploma online (if you’re still in school), or achieve your General Equivalency Degree (GED) online.

Bachelor’s Degree: The bachelor’s degree is increasingly becoming required for what used to be entry-level work across the U.S. Suitable for just achieving a greater level of knowledge in one or many subjects, this degree is offered at every university in the country.

Master’s Degree: More specialized than the bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree is an advanced level of study beyond a bachelor’s degree. Not offered for all of the same majors that bachelor’s degrees are available for, it is usually easy to find a master’s degree offering that is similar or very closely related to your bachelor’s degree field of study.

Doctorate Degree: The top of the heap and cream de la crème of the university system, the doctorate degree indicates someone who has achieved the pinnacle of education in their chosen field.

Online Majors and Classes Available

Again, not all courses are available at all schools, and they may be offered under different names than what are listed here. Also, this is just a very small sampling of the hundreds of online classes available at schools across the country.

History: For those with an avid interest in the past or a concern for the future.

Sociology: Sociology is the study of human behaviors and societies, including their origins.

Information Technology: A vast field, information technology covers the areas of computer programming, computer design, computer and network maintenance, databases, websites and more.

Psychology: The study of human behavior and its origins, specifically in the brain, the reasons for behaviors, treatment of abnormal or psychotic conditions and therapy.

Graphic Design:Graphic design is the creation of digital images for television, movies, print or the Internet.

Marketing: Marketing or advertising deals with the ability to encourage the sales of goods for money by designing advertisements, media, packaging and campaigns to entice customers.

Business: For those interested in the business world and its various aspects such as management, finances, growth and development.

Journalism/Writing: To develop a greater ability at writing, or if you are interested in print or digital media communication.