Facts Of Online Degree Program In Education

Thanks to the development of distance learning technology, many people can pursue advanced degree program without leaving home or stopping their work. And many people take online degree program in education either they are just interested in teaching or they want to enhance their professional in educational field. To help these people find the e-learning program in education meeting their needs, let’s take a look at some facts of online degree program in education.

Types of online degree program in education

Bachelor: All teachers need to have their bachelor degrees before they go to take the certification test according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). So, the most popular degree program in education is bachelor program. People are equipped with foundation of teaching, theories of children development and skills for creating diverse learning environment.

Master: Some public schools require teachers to take master degree program in education. After completing the master degree program, they are more professional in specialized subjects and some teachers are able to instruct students with learning difficulties or talented students since these students need to have unique learning environment.

Doctorate/ Certificate: To the people who want to advance their teaching ability or to get better teaching jobs, they may go to take doctorate program in specialized program. If they are too busy to take doctorate program, choosing a certificate program is also a good idea.

Online degree program in education

Elementary school education

People who are interested in teaching kids in grades K-6 to K-8 can take the bachelor degree program in elementary education. They are instructed with teaching foundation, theories of children learning progress, and teaching techniques for different subjects. After they complete the education program, they know how to evaluate students’ learning process and conditions, develop curriculums for certain topics and communicate with parents and school administrators.

Early Childhood Education

If people are interested in early childhood cognitive development and they want to work with toddlers or preschool kids, they can take bachelor degree program in early childhood education. From the training, teachers know how to observe and monitor young kids mental and physical conditions, and they are trained to introduce basic language, math or society to young kids with various teaching tools. Besides, they learn how to combine art and music into the classes to inspire children imagination and creativity.

High School Education

If people want to teach students in grades 8 to 12, they need to take some bachelor program in education and specific subjects because they work on teaching specialized subjects to higher level students. They can choose the program based on their interests such as history, math, or biology. They not only learn teaching methods and techniques but also acquire the major knowledge which they are going to teach in the future.

Special Education

Generally, the education program focuses on communication and teaching to students who have learning difficulties. For example, they learn how to teach students with autism spectrum disorders that they need to use special tools or methods for instruction.

Teaching job outlook

It is predicted that employment of teachers and instructors is going to increase by 13 percent by year2018. Though the number of enrollment is growing slowly, the focus on quality education is still being discussed. This is to say, people who want to have a teaching job may keep leveling up their professional knowledge and skills.

The job opportunities for teachers vary from different areas. The enrollment rate in South and West States is growing rapidly whereas enrollment in the Northeast is declining. Because of this, teachers will have more job opportunities if they are mobile to teach in different areas or if they are able to teach more than one subject.

If people are going to find their teaching jobs, they can go to inner cities and rustic areas for more opportunities than in suburban regions. In some inner cities, the area is overcrowded and the schools are not equipped with enough teaching materials and equipments whereas some schools locate too far that they are difficult to attract teachers. Another phenomenon is the non-English-speaking students increasing. The need of bilingual teachers is rising at the same time.