Guide To Education Foundations

If you are considering attending an online college course than you probably know that funding your college tuition can be difficult, even when you are living on a tight budget! If you have not yet enrolled in a college or are about to begin your second year of study, you should probably consider contacting a local education foundation.

First, there are literally hundreds of education foundations throughout America and many of them operate using different principles.

Location Education Foundations

Location Education foundations are perhaps the most common type of education foundation. Foundations such as the Windham foundation grant money to local students from county, state or city in order to promote the higher education of the local area. This type of foundation usually aims to better their local community and will often donate money towards more objectives than education. On average, a grant from this type of institution will range above $200 and below $2,000.

Skill Education Foundations

Skill Education foundations grant money to students based on student skill. This type of foundation ranges from the Wool Association of America which grants up to $10,000 per year to a student studying something beneficial to wool to the Patrick Kerr Foundation which grants up to $10,000 for a skateboard enthusiast who is very good at their sport. Skill Education foundations generally grant money to the winner of some sort of competition and this type of grant can range anywhere from $500-full scholarship.

Learning Education Foundations

A learning education foundation grants aid to students who study a specific thing. In most cases this is conditional aid and can pay up to full scholarship so long as the student agrees to work in a high need area after graduation. Examples of learning education include the Sheep Heritage Foundation which offers up to $1,500 per year towards a student studying in a field that will benefit sheep or the American Association of Physics Teachers which offers up to $2,000 per year towards students who intent to become physics teachers. There are also a lot of other scholarships available for future teachers.

Need Based Education Foundations

Need based education foundations provide need based aid, this means that if you need aid and you are eligible than they will give you the amount of money you need or as much as they can afford. This type of foundation will often be based towards minority groups such as African Americans, Native Americans, Asian students and etc. Foundations such as this include the Learning Foundation and the African American Students Foundation.