Popular Study Spots for Students

A part of college life undoubtedly includes studying. Living on or near campus means plenty of places for students to call home when it comes time to study for tests and midterm exams. While each student has his/her own preferences, there are a handful of study spots that tend to be very popular with college students from all walks of life.


Not only is the library the perfect place to find books and do research to help with writing papers, this location also makes for the ideal studying environment. Most colleges and universities have enormous library facilities, which allows students to be as isolated as they want. In addition to the books housed there, college libraries have their own study rooms for students to use, as well as desks and cubicles on each floor, where students can set up their laptops and study in peace.

Student Center

Colleges and universities create their student centers for the sole purpose of catering to its students’ needs. This includes providing study spots, which come in the form of special rooms on various levels of the student center building. Oftentimes these study spots come fully furnished with not just desks and/or cubicle setups but comfy chairs and couches. Unlike the library, study spots housed in a student center are not just about having a place to concentrate on studying but doing so in comfort. These areas typically also allow food and drink, which means students are free to spend their lunch or other free periods with everything they need within arm’s reach.

Study Groups

While not technically a study “spot,” the concept of study groups continues to be a popular one, which can take place just about anywhere on and off campus. Although many college students prefer to focus on their studies solo, there are others that find being a part of a study group very beneficial. Questions can be answered and related topics discussed among peers without the need for being in class. Most study groups take place in libraries, dorm rooms and even outdoors at locations like cafes, parks and even on a grassy part of campus.


Despite the sometimes busy crowd that loves to congregate at cafes, this is one of the most common places students flock to when they need to focus on the books. With its aromatic smells, comfortable seating areas and pleasant music, this location is easy to setup a study session at, whether a student is by him/herself or with friends. Studying along with a caffeine boost doesn’t hurt, either.


If a college or university has a nice amount of landscaping with sprawling greenery and shady areas surrounded by trees, chances are there’s going to be students setting out blankets and enjoying good weather. In addition to being outdoors on campus, this location also makes for one of the popular study spots. Stroll through any college campus on a sunny day and you’ll find scores of students with their laptops and books spread around–and ear buds in place to listen to music, of course. Study spots that are outside of the classroom are a nice break from the typical student routine.