Study Habits that could be Hurting your Grade

Have you noticed that your grades have been slipping? Have you just begun College and can’t understand why you are not maintaining the grades as in high school? This may not mean that you are behind academically it could just be your body telling you that you need to take at easy and look at your lifestyle as it may not be as obvious as you may think. Life today moves pretty fast, it’s becoming natural for the younger generation to keep up with everything – multi-tasking as it were. Below we have listed the top reasons as to why your grades may be affected by purely your lifestyle habits alone. The great thing about this article is that once you know and have come to terms with the facts, you can easily make changes and get back on track.

1. Cramming for Exams

Yes, it is classic and over the test of time it has won as our top reason why student’s grades are slipping. When you’re young, life is exciting – College life is exciting. There are many distractions in the real world and it can be difficult to choose priorities. The problem with cramming for exams is simple. Your brain cannot naturally retain large amounts of information in one sitting. A solution to this problem is reviewing your lecture notes every day. Taking an hour or two each day to review can really help you retain the information and actually learn what you are studying. After all, knowledge is power.

2. Multitasking

This generation has mastered the art of multi-tasking. It has become the cultural norm. Facebooking, texting, emailing – constantly being plugged in and trying to manage study time is always a challenge. You think that you have a handle on it, but in reality all of these distractions are taking your undivided attention away and in turn will affect your grades. Even if your grades aren’t suffering right now, think of how well you do if you turned off your phone/television/computer for an hour and focus.

3. Studying in the Wrong Environment

As we just mentioned, Facebook, texting and television can all be distracting; however the environment you choose to study in can also put a damper on your general performance in school. Everyone has difference comfort levels, though the majority of students need a study area where they can focus and be free of distractions. Even the ol’ standby library can be distracting with keyboards clicking and students chattering. Choose a spot where you know you will not be distracted. Bring headphones so you are able to tune out outside noise if that’s what you are comfortable doing.

4. Submissive Reading

It is more affective for the brain to understand and retain information when your studying style is proactive. Simply reading the material in your textbook is not going to help remember. Try drawing images of the material you need to study by creating crafts, drawings, lists and discuss with a fellow student. You will find that this will help you learn and remember the material easily.

5. Sacrificing Sleep

This is the number one reason for bad grades. It all derives from your body being run down and unable to retain information as it should. We understand it can be difficult to keep up with school, work, friends etc but if you can try your best to get at least 7 hours sleep per night you will find yourself doing a lot better at school.

6. Not Taking Advantage of Resources Available to You

All campuses have numerous resources out there for you to utilize. It is wise to take advantage of them! There are many volunteer tutors available if you need assistance with a concept, project or preparing for an exam. Book some time in with these resources. This will also give you the time you need to study in the environment you need.