The Prospects Of Teaching Jobs

Being a teacher is a fulfilling and challenging job since each student is unique and they are in different learning process which teachers need to be aware of their status during the instruction. Whether you are a teacher-to-be or you are currently teaching, upgrading teaching techniques and knowledge is really important to create a better learning environment which helps students to learn well.

The most common method that people take is to go to a conventional school and study their advance degree program in education, however, many people are too busy to study or they live in the area which is far from the school. Thanks to the advanced distance learning, people can either pursue their new degree in education or get higher degree for enhancing their teaching ability and even increasing their salaries as well.

Potential growing earnings

There are many ways to increase the salary of a teacher. A teacher can choose to have extra classes if they have more than one specialized subject like sports or health education. Another way is to obtain a higher degree like Master of Science in education, having advanced degree both increases the salary and enhances the teaching skills and knowledge. Some people may go to take teacher certificate program for getting the national certification which also leads to raising payment.

Besides, an inspiring teacher who have advanced degree program in specializes subject have more job opportunities in different States, he or she has the tendency to get a high-paid job by choosing from those schools or teaching institutions.

Types of online programs in education

Bachelor program

The basic requirement of a teacher is to obtain a bachelor degree in education. The most common programs are BS in Elementary Education, BA in Interdisciplinary Studies and BA in Secondary Education. People who have completed the bachelor degree program are equipped with the teaching theories and skills that they are able to deliver the instruction.

To people who are new to education area, they are able to get a teaching job once they meet all the requirements of teacher certification. In other words, taking a bachelor degree in elementary education lets them have the chance to get better compensation.

If people already have received the certification of teaching, they can get extra degree in specialized subjects. There are many professional subjects in education for people who want to teach more than one subject, for example, BA in English, BS in Elementary Education with an Emphasis in Math, and BA in Special Education.

Master program

Having advanced degree program is another effective way to increase salary. This is because schools are focusing on the quality and the professional background of their teachers and instructors which are important to create better and excellent learning environment of the young students and the future leaders. Once people are granted their master degrees, they are able to demonstrate advanced mastery of a particular area.

There are two commonly-seen master programs: Master of Arts (MA) and Master of Science (MS). Master of Arts degrees are usually used for the degrees in humanities whereas Master of Science degrees are applied on the science and math subjects. Some popular master degree programs are Master of Education in Leadership of Learning, MA in Mathematics Education, and MA in Science Education with Geosciences.

Certificate program

Although taking bachelor or master degree program is the most welcomed selection for people who seek higher or better degree, some people choose to take certification program in education which is also helpful to increase their salaries. Comparing to taking bachelor or master degree program, online certificate program takes less time to finish as it can still improve their teaching abilities. In many schools, they encourage their teachers to take either college degree program or certificate program by increasing their payment. There are many certificate programs to meet different needs; the Certificate of Graduate Study in Mathematics Learning and Teaching degree program released by Drexel University aims to strengthen instructors’ abilities to deliver sessions with problem-based and students-centered concept.

Some special certificate programs are designed to the people with bachelor degrees in non-education area, and they can take the teacher certificate program to start their new career in teaching. The typical example is the Online Accelerated Teacher Certification (OATCER) program offered by Saint Joseph University.