What Specialized Teaching Programs Are Available Online?

People who want to become teachers or already have teaching job all need to take education degree program these days. More and more people are discussing the education quality since they want to cultivate future leaders and talented for creating a better living environment for all the people. There are many specialized teaching programs released for teacher-to- be and teachers, these courses aim to equip the instructors with advanced knowledge and skills that they can deliver great learning environment as students are learning different subjects.

Taking online program in education is gradually accepted by many people because they are too busy to go to a regular school or they have no access to the specialized subject program in certain colleges. Distance learning is definitely a great choice for those who are interested in taking a bachelor or master degree in education field. Here are some popular and important teaching programs that they can take a look first.

Art Education

No one can deny that arts inspire students’ imagination and improve overall academic performance at the same time. People who want to become an Arts teacher need to be specialized in arts, music or some performing arts subjects. By taking advanced degree programs, they are able to teach arts class with theory or special skills to let students appreciate the arts works. Take the Master of Arts in Arts Education in Boston University for instance. The online program offers the training that students learn how to use the strategies and techniques as they are teaching arts class.

Special Education

Special Education program aims to cultivate compassionate teachers who are able to work with students who are cognitive, emotional or physical disabilities with different range. People who are willing to help those young have to take special education program, learning how to use various teaching techniques and specialized curriculums for teaching students with different learning disabilities. Take the special education program in Northcentral University for example. It provides online degree program from advanced certificate to master or doctor degree. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need of special education teachers will grow about 17 percent by 2018, thus special education teachers have more job opportunities than other general instructors.

English Education

English teaching is a very important task because it aims to instruct students how to spell and write correct grammar. In other words, teaching English is to cultivate literacy citizens who know how to read and write, thus the English education is imperative among those school classes. Generally, people who want to teach English subject are required to get a bachelor’s degree and a certificate from authority for teaching. Therefore, people can go to take English teacher education program from reputable online school such as Grand Canyon University. Take Grand Canyon for example; there are Bachelor degree programs such as English for Secondary Teachers and Elementary Education in English.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

ESL teachers work on teaching students whose native languages are not English to read, write, and speak English well. ESL teachers have to identify students’ English level and develop the instructional plan based on the student’s learning process. Since qualified ESL teachers are important to English learners, they are required to obtain certificate or license for teaching English. Choosing an online program in ESL has become a trend these days. Some famous online programs in ESL are offered by Grand Canyon University and Western Governors University.

Health & Physical Education

When talking about teaching subjects, the common subjects that come to mind are Math and English. However, having health and physical related classes is also important to ensure students and young are instructed correct knowledge on their body have a healthy lifestyle. Some topics are taught by health or physical education teachers are Alcohol and drug prevention, Nutrition education, Healthy lifestyle choices, and First aid and CPR. Sometimes, health and physical education teachers have to give students sex education and build up correct concept on human body development. If people are interested in coaching or being athletic directors, they can take the master of Education in Athletic Administration.

History /Social Studies Education

If people are interested in thinking and learning from the historical events, they may take the Social Studies education program. A good history teacher makes student to not only learn but also evaluate historical accounts. They also encourage student to think and make interpretations on the current and previous events. There are various elements in Social Studies Education that teachers may use including cultures, government structures and some special global issues. People who want to take history or social studies education program can approach Western Governors University which offers some programs such as B.A. in Social Science and M.A. in teaching of Social Science.

Math Education

Math teachers have to plan and conduct a systematic learning process for students learning math concepts and the skills to solve math problems. To different age students, the math classes are instructed in different ways and materials. If the teacher works in the elementary school, the math subject only contains basic number and simple calculations. When it comes to the secondary level classes, students have to learn about algebra, geometry and trigonometry. Math teachers instruct students how to use graphs, tables and charts as they are representing mathematical ideas. There are many online programs that math teachers can take; for instance, BS in Math for Secondary Teachers is offered by famous Grand Canyon University.

Early Childhood Education

The roles that early childhood educators play are very imperative since they make impact on the emotional and cognitive development of the children around three to five ages. There is a trend of highlighting early childhood learning as many people believe this will make the next generation learns better and even create great academic or social success. People who want to focus on early childhood learning can take the course from Walden University, like B.S. in Childhood Development which equips students with important theories and skills in child development.

Instructional Technology

Since technology has changed the way people live today, instructors and teachers also view using technology like internet is a great teaching tool. Many students are interested in using e-learning or other technologies on their studies. People who have completed Instructional Technology education program are able to work in schools or intermediate units, combining technology into the curriculum. The tools they can use are including computers, interactive white boards, multi-media projectors and some special software. Many online schools notice the trend of using technology in teaching, thus they offer many related training program like Instructional Technology Specialist, M.Ed. in K-12 Instructional Technology, and Master of Education in E-Learning.

Gifted and Talented

Here is a very special education program which offers the teaching training for conducting instruction on talented students. People have noticed that there are some students with special giftedness on science, music, or certain subjects. Gifted and Talented teachers have to help those students with outstanding levels to have their personal learning process. Some education programs for teaching gifted and talented are available via internet; for example, Master of Science in Education in Gifted Education is offered by Arkansas Tech University.